Identity Guard with Watson

Top employers include Identity Guard protection in their comprehensive employee benefits to reduce the financial stress that identity theft creates.

According to Salary Finance Inc., American businesses are losing $500 billion per year due to employee financial stress and the lost work time required for employees to resolve their personal finance problems¹. Workers with high incomes and good credit have the most to lose from identity theft — and employers have the most to lose when these high-value employees are distressed and distracted.

What does Identity Guard do for employees?
• Creates a digital-age benefit to attract and retain top talent with IBM Watson’s AI®
• Supports employee productivity by reducing financial stress
• Saves employee time required to resolve fraudulent financial activity
• Offers employees peace of mind with stolen funds recovery

What does Identity Guard do for organizations?
• Enriches existing employee health and life insurance programs
• Offers voluntary and employer-paid options for employees and their families*
• Creates added value for employees
• Displays organizational dedication to holistic employee well-being
• Improves the overall employee experience and employee value proposition

Get protection that protects you with the help of IBM’s Watson! This constantly evolving technology continually monitors millions of data sources (including news articles, social media posts, research reports, and more) that other services don’t. It delivers personalized identity theft protection and action steps.

  • IBM® Watson™ Artificial Intelligence
  • Personal Risk Assessment
  • Proactive Action Steps

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