FSA Store

ABA has partnered with FSAstore.com to offer online one-stop shopping for Flexible Spending Accounts where you can buy FSA eligible products, search for eligible products/services and learn about your FSA.

What is FSAstore.com?

FSAstore.com is everything flex spending with zero guesswork. It’s both the largest online marketplace for guaranteed FSA-eligible products and an educational resource that you can actually understand. It’s the company’s mission to help millions of flexible spending account holders manage and use their FSAs and save on more than 4,000 health items using tax-free health money.

Note: Although we accept FSA Cards and most card purchases should auto-approve without you needing to submit further paperwork, your FSA Administrator might require a receipt for your purchase to substantiate the claim. Check out the Learning Center for more FSA-eligible tips and resources!.

What does “FSA-eligible” mean?

FSA-eligible means that in most cases a product or service will be covered by your Flexible Spending Account. We work with the latest in industry standards to make sure the products we carry on our site are FSA-eligible. If you use an active FSA card, your purchase will be auto-substantiated and you can skip the claims process! Note that not all FSAs are created equal; always check with your FSA administrator about plan allowances and requirements before you shop.

Are all of your products FSA-eligible?

Everything on the site is guaranteed FSA-eligible or your money back… for the most part. There are certain Flexible Spending Accounts that don’t cover each and every item and some may be limited to only specific items and/or services. You should always check with your employer and/or FSA administrator to find out exactly what your FSA will cover. Other than those rare FSA accounts, everything we carry is FSA-eligible (items marked with a check mark will always qualify while those marked with an “Rx” symbol will require a prescription).

In order to provide you with valuable information regarding the eligibility of medical items we recommend you go to the website to browse their products, eductional materials and more.

Please click here to go to FSAstore.com


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