Who We Are

American Benefit Administrators (ABA)

is an independent third-party administrator of employee benefit programs and a purveyor of real benefits for real, unique businesses. Here, real benefits mean more than just “employee benefits.” They are a commitment to offer more to clients than a standardized solution and an acknowledgement that one size does not fit all.

Real benefits are easy-to-manage, flexible, tailor-made solutions built on a start-to-finish client connection that makes HR administration more efficient and employees more satisfied participants.

Real benefits is about a partnership that isn’t short-sighted or opportunistic; one that isn’t about bells, whistles, over-hyped solutions or over-promised technologies.

For us, real benefits are a way of business and a tradition of excellence. AT ABA, WE DELIVER MORE THAN JUST BENEFITS.

“ I can’t thank you enough for your collaboration and partnership. I appreciate you keeping us not only looped in but the primary point of contact for all things ABA.  ”
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